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“”]The first question you may be asking yourself is “Why should I print with”

Good question. There are a lot of online printers on the web, some big, some small some high priced, some low priced. Then there is Unlike some of the big printers online that offer low priced cards up-front, but add on costs for double sided, glossy finishes and shipping, gives you everything for one low price. Always Full Color, Always Double Sided, Always Flat Rate Shipping.

Let me give you an example of what I mean:


250 Business Cards – $10 (only for 1st order, $19.99 for every other order after)
Add Back Printing – $6.49 (Only for 1st order, $12.99 for every order after)
Glossy Stock – $7.49 (Only for 1st Order, $14.99 for every order after)
Shipping – Varies
TOTAL – $23.98 for first order, $47.97 for every order after (NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING)

A few disclaimers on the VistaPrint website:

“Please note: Glossy finish is applied to the front side only.”

“An additional charge of $4.99 per uploaded image and $1.99 per PDF proof requested applies. Pricing subject to change.”

Delivery options at VistaPrint (Estimated by VistaPrint)

Rush- $22.27- 3 Business Days
Priority- $13.68- 7 Days
Standard- $7.09- 14 Days

As you can tell, the great deal you think you are getting becomes quiet the expense to get everything offers.

250 Business Cards – $30
Add Back Printing – INCLUDED
Shipping – $8*
TOTAL – $38 for EVERY ORDER never adds any hidden fees, the price we advertise, is the price you get. You get Glossy finish on BOTH SIDES! No Extra Charge for uploading your own files! Average turn-around times of 6 business days at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

How about Quality?

Take a look at the image. Notice something? Take a closer look at the business cards you may have ordered from the Other Guys. Notice the large dots that make up your images? That is a sign of low-quality printing! prints all their cards at the highest quality to make sure each image is crisp and clear*. This means that the first impression you give to a customer is the best representation of your company.

Don’t settle for low-quality prints just to save a couple bucks on your first order. gives you the best quality prints, low prices on every order, and fast turnaround of as little as 3 days to print, and 3 days to ship.

If you are still not convinced, then go ahead and CLICK HERE and order your business cards from the Other Guys and see for yourself.


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