The Importance of Good Design

What image comes to mind when you think of McDonalds, Nike, or Walt Disney. If you’re like me, then that first thing  is a Swoosh, Golden Arch and 3 black circles that make the vague shape of a mouse.

Ancient cultures used hieroglyphs to represent words and actions. Although society today has a much broader written word, we still use the same concepts, especially in marketing and business. A simple white swoosh on a black background with no words or any other imagery instantly makes us think sports, shoes, Micheal Jorden, Nike. One simple shape, known throughout the world, that without one word, defines a business.

Now granted, most designers and artists don’t automatically think of the Nike Swoosh as “good design”. After all, it is about the simplest you can get without being just a straight line. But it is the iconic reputation that swoosh has developed that makes it truly great.

Using what others have done is not always copying; it is mimicking what has made others successful and applying the idea to your own business. This is often the approach in marketing, graphic design, and websites. Taking the ideas, techniques, and even style that others have done and applying it to your business.

This is not copying, it is inspiration. Using the ideas of others and taking it one step further to create something new and different. Something that others will look at and inspire them to create the next big idea.

What does this do for your business? It can teach you how to use what others are currently doing, the trends they use to promote themselves, and promote yourself successfully. Your business needs to stay on top of today’s trends. Whether it be your logo or your website, you need to keep updated. If you walked into a business meeting wearing a leisure suit and a mullet, you would probably be laughed out of the office. So why present your business with a 10 year old logo, website, or poor quality print material? Neither are doing anything good for your company. You could lose that big client having a bad image just like showing up with a mullet (no offense to anyone out there who still sports the mullet) would do the same.

So go out there and get rid of that mullet (if you need help, give me a call. Not literally for the mullet, go to Supercuts for that).

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