Partner Program

Are you a graphic design looking to expand your business? Or a marketing expert that can sell anything?
Join’s Partner Program and expand your business and earning potential today.

How it works

When you sign up for the Partner Program, you not only get discounts on everything on our website, but you also get your OWN WEBSITE! We will set you up with a custom domain and website like Branded with your logo of course.

As default, the prices will be set to the same prices that are listed on our website, but you will have access to change the prices to suite your clients. Meaning you can make as little, or as much, as you want for each purchase.

When a customer orders from your site, you simple order from our site (with your 10% discount of course), and we blind drop ship the prints to your customers. What is blind drop ship you may be asking yourself? Blind drop ship means that the package is labeled as though it is coming from your company. Our information will never be known.

What about artwork?

For the graphic designers out there, you know the answer, but for everyone else, you can either hire us to design the print material for your customers, or they can design it themselves with access to the Pixlr online editing program.

What’s this going to cost me? Partner members pay a small setup fee of $250 for setup of your Print website and customization with your branding plus a FREE startup pack (valued at over $100). There is also a monthly fee of $45 that includes hosting and domain name. Since this is a service, the hosting and domain will be owned by us, with access given to the administrative area of the website that allows you to check orders and change prices.

What’s included in my Startup Pack?

Your Startup pack will include the following:

  • Five customized sample booklets showcasing the range of stocks and options for your print customers. Additional booklets can be purchased through your Membership Portal at a discount.
  • 1000 Business Cards with your Print Sites link and your logo and contact information.

Let’s break down how you can easily make that membership fee back with just one purchase:

Lets say a customer buys 1000 copies of a 5×7 postcard. Our listed price is $183, but with your automatic 10% discount, your price is only $164.70. Lets say you also decide to up our prices on your website by 15%, that would make your sell price $210.45, which would give a profit of $45.75. You have paid for your membership fee with just one order! Now imagine if you made just 10 orders per month . . . that would be a profit of $457.50. What about just 25 orders . . . $1143.75! Now how about 100 orders . . . $4,575! That amounts to almost $55,000 per year just for making a couple postcard orders. Add on to that some business cards, banners, and lenticular prints, and you have yourself a nice little business.

Interested? Sign up today!



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