Graphics Builder – How it Works

[box color=”blue”] The Graphics Builder is an Online Image Editing Program powered by Pixlr. This online tool let’s you create your own graphics, save them to your desktop, and upload them to [/box]

But how does it work?

Step 1

Open the Graphics Builder HERE

Simple So far, right?

Step 2

Click “Create New Image”

You need to make sure your image is the correct size for printing. In order to print correctly, all images need to meet the size specifications. You can either use the table below to get your size, or use the simple formula the correct Pixel Dimensions:

Size in Inches x 300 = Final Pixel Size

Example: 3.75″ x 300 = 1125 | 2.25″ x 300 = 675

So the dimensions you would want to use for creating your business card is 1125 wide by 675 high.

Keep in mind, your actually business card will be 3.5″ x 2″, the extra quarter inch accounts for the bleed, so be sure not to get too close to the edge.

Step 3

Create your image! You can use the toolbar on the left side, open your own images and copy and paste them into your print design. The online tool includes many of the same tools as Adobe Photoshop, but is Free to use online.

Step 4

Save your image to your computer. It is recommended you save the image in the PXD file format so that you can go back and edit your image later on if you want.

Step 5

Upload your final image, remember, both front and back for most items, to your order.

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