We are FourColorPrints

What is “Four Color”?

A lot of printers charge extra for full color, but not FourColorPrints. Everything we print can be every color you desire.

In printing, four colors means the full spectrum of colors known as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). The world in which we visually see colors are made up of Red Blue and Green, where white is the combination of all color, and black is the absence of color. In printing, the opposite is true. White (or whatever color the paper stock is) is the absence of any print, while black can be the mixture of all colors, or simply the black ink.

TIP: Rich Black tends to print better than true black, so keep that in mind when creating your designs. There is also “Warm Black” (C=35% M=60% Y=60% K=100%) So what does this mean to you, the average Realtor just trying to get some business cards. Well, honestly, not a whole lot. While we prefer all artwork to be in the CMYK colorspace, and there are certain advantages of using True Black (C=100% M=100% Y=100% K=100%) or Rich Black (Cyan=75% Magenta=50% Yellow=50% Black=100%), and other color science involved in the physiology of color (which we will get into in another post), what is important here is that you know what we mean when we say “Four Color”.


Unlike other printers that may charge extra for full color (or 4/4), FourColorPrints.com never adds any extra fees for using every color you want in your designs. What’s even better, is that we let you do it on both sides on most products (stickers and magnets would be pretty pointless to print double sided). This means that you can expand your message to ever square inch of your business card, mailer, or even your letterhead, all at no extra charge.

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