4D Lenticular Prints

4D-Lenticular-Prints-fourcolorprintsLately, FourColorPrints.com has seen a big response to our addition of 4D Lenticular Prints. Some people, and we won’t mention any names, still don’t know what Lenticular is all about. I thought I would take a moment and explain a little bit more about this unique print option.

1D, 2D, 3D 4D . . . 5D?

We live in a 3-Dimensional world. We can reach out our hand and type on a keyboard and then turn around and stare at the wall behind us. Unless you work in an office with a window, then you are in luck because you get to experience more of the 3D world than I do, and for that, I am jealous.

I am getting off track here.

In the print world, most of the items are only in 2-Dimensions. Flat, un-interesting 2 dimensions that don’t really do much besides sit there. But not anymore! With 4D (the 4 is really only for show) Lenticular cards you get a whole new dimension with your prints.

But what is Len..tic..u..lar?

Good question, and I am glad you asked. Lenticular is a process of printing where 2-3 images are all printed at once. When the print is tilted from side to side, the images give the illusion of movement. Remember those bookmarks you used to get from the book-mobile of that tiger running at you? That was a Lenticular print.

Now, apply that to your business. If you are a cleaning company, you can show one before image, and as the user turns the card, they will magically see the room transform  into a sparkly clean room thanks to your business.

This adds a memorable impression in the clients mind as the turn your card from side to side.

So go on, make an impression, order some Lenticular Cards today!

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